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SOLD: Pilot Elite 18k – Script nib


SOLD! Today I have a Pilot Elite short pen.  It has an 18k script nib.   Check it out:

SOLD: Pilot Short – NOS – Red

Pilot Short - Red

Today for sale is a 1960’s Pilot Short pen.  These are some of the coolest old pens I have ever used. Check it out.

Disassemble a Pilot Short Pen II

In the first repair article I wrote, I showed you the parts of a Pilot Elite.  There are two types of Pilot short / pocket pens.  One is what I call the “fingernail nib” type.  That is what I discussed in the previous article. This article will discuss the “hooded” type.  Here are some pictures […]

SOLD: Burgundy Platinum Short Pen

Burgundy Platinum Short Pen

This is a Platinum Pocket pen with an aluminum body and a burgundy section.  The nib is marked with the Platinum lowercase “p” logo.  It is also labeled 細軟 which means “Soft Fine”.  Do not be confused – This is not by any means a flex nib.  In fact I have seen other fine nibs with better line […]

SOLD: 1971 Pilot Short Pen

This is a beautiful 1971 Pilot black and gold pocket pen.  The nib is not marked with a size but I would call it a fine nib.  The nib is 14k.  The nib is marked H171 for Hiratsuka January 1971. This pen can be used with a CON20 convertor.  I can not be used with […]

SOLD: Pilot Short Fountain Pen

SOLD! Today I am posting for sale a short Pilot fountain pen. This is one of my favorite EDC pens. It has a stainless steel and plastic body.  The nib is partially covered and provides great protection with a nice simple look. Check it out: Uncapped: Extended!  This is the coolest part!  The body will […]