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SOLD: Platinum Silver – PT.Alloy Nib


  I have the first one from my private collection for sale.

SOLD: Platinum Sai #3776 M nib

Platinum Sai - M-nib

SOLD! Limited Edition for sale today.  Check it out:

SOLD: Platinum Shoji (New)

Platinum Shoji

SOLD OUT! For sale today:  Platinum Shoji.  I have 2 left.  One has a Fine nib, the other one has a Medium nib.  They are all new and have never been inked.

SOLD: Platinum Sterling Silver M nib

SOLD! Hello!  Today, I have for sale a wonderful vintage Platinum Sterling Silver pen.  Check it out:

SOLD: Platinum Pen 18K-WG Fine

SOLD! I have two NOS Platinum fountain pens for sale today.  These have metal bodies.  They feel like aluminum.  Check them out:

SOLD: Platinum Short Fountain Pen EF

Platinum Short

SOLD! One more today.  This is a Platinum Short pen.  Black with gold trim, a diamond shaped inlay, and an EF nib. Here it is:

SOLD: Platinum Black and Gold Pocket Pen

Platinum Black and Gold

SOLD! Another pocket pen.  This one is made by Platinum.  This pen is gold with black stripes.  It has an 18k Soft Fine nib.

SOLD: Platinum Motosu – F

Platinum Motosu

SOLD! Today I have a Platinum Century Motosu. The Motosu is a limited Edition pen that was produced in 2011.  Because it was made in 2011, Platinum produced 2011 pieces.  They are sold out everywhere.  You may be able to find some somewhere but you will really need to dig. This pen is a clear […]

SOLD: Platinum Shoji – M nib

Platinum Shoji

SOLD! The Platinum Shoji is a limited edition pen made by the Japanese Maker Platinum.  It is an homage to the five lakes around Mount Fuji.  The inner cap lists the names and shapes of all the lakes.  This pen is 932 / 3776.  #3776 is a reference to the height of Mt. Fuji.

SOLD: 1970’s Platinum Pen Set

Platinum Pen Set

I have one more for today.  This is a complete pen and pencil set made by Platinum.  I believe that they are from the 1970’s.  They have a matching floral pattern.

SOLD: Platinum Stainless Steel M nib

Platinum Stainless Steel

SOLD! Up next a Platinum Stainless steel fountain pen. Here it is: This pen is used but looks excellent.  Upon close inspection some daily wear and tear can be seen on the section.  The outside body has no major wear, scratches, brassing, etc.  It is beautiful! The nib is 18K white gold.  It is marked […]

SOLD: Platinum Purple 14k Fine

Platinum Purple

SOLD! Today I will start adding the pens from the Sneak Preview tray.  This is the first one. This is a Platinum brand fountain pen.  It has a metal body with a marbled purple finish.  I think it is part of the same family as the other Platinum that I have for sale because of […]

SOLD: Platinum Burgundy 14k – Fine

Platinum Burgundy

SOLD! Today for sale.  Platinum Burgundy fountain pen with a 14k 細字 nib.  細字 means Fine nib. Update:  This pen is called the “Platinum Belage“.  It originally sold for ¥5000.

SOLD: Platinum Gathered #3776

Platinum Gathered

SOLD! Platinum #3776 pens are fantastic. When I first saw this pen in a shop I thought it was pretty weird.  It looked uncomfortable.  I didn’t even bother to ask the shop staff to see it.  I just sort of ignored it after that. I saw this pen as part of an auction last year […]