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SOLD: Pilot Short – Black

Pilot Short - Black

SOLD! The last update for today. One more Pilot Short.  This one is black.

SOLD: Pilot Short – Green

Pilot Short - Green

SOLD! I have another 1960’s Pilot Short Pen today.  This one is green and is in good condition.  Pilot Shorts are small pens that can extend.  The cap is made of stainless steel.  The body is stainless and plastic (resin?).  They are very fun pens to own.

Sold: Pilot Short – Turquoise w/ Gold Clip

Pilot Short Turquoise with inlay

SOLD! This is a unique Pilot pen.  A Pilot “Short”.  This pen is very short when it is capped and can be extended to a full sized pen.  It is pretty interesting.

SOLD: Pilot Short Scroll NOS

Pilot Scroll

SOLD! This pen is wonderful! I have two of these in my collection.  I decided to sell one.  It is a pen that was made in the 1970s.  The center trim features a knurled trim piece.  For me, this is the unique part that I like. The cap and body also feature some scroll designs […]