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SOLD: Pilot Myu 701 – H1171

Pilot Myu-701 H1171

SOLD! I have another Myu for sale.  This is more of a beater / EDC pen. Check it out:

SOLD: Pilot Myu 701 – M nib

Pilot Myu 701

SOLD! I have another Pilot Myu 701 for sale.  This one is marked M – H675 (Hiratsuka, June 1975).

MYU 701 – Disassembled

MYU 701 Disassembled

* Do not try this at home! * I am not responsible if you destroy your sexy iconic Pilot pen.  This is not necessary to clean your Myu!

SOLD: NOS Pilot Myu 701


SOLD! Off of the site I had arranged to sell a NOS Myu.  The person that was interested has not responded but I really need to sell this pen. For those that do not know, NOS = New Old Stock.  

SOLD: Pilot Myu 701

Pilot Myu 701

SOLD! I have another Myu that I am putting up for sale.  Please read the description and check the pictures carefully before ordering. This pen is scratched and beat up.  There are 2 noticeable dents on the cap.  It writes really well but it is rough. This is a great pen for someone that wants to carry […]