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SOLD: Pilot Murex NOS

SOLD! I came across two NOS Pilot Murex.  One is sold!  Both have F nibs and are dated H1279.  Here they are:

SOLD: 1970’s Platinum Pen Set

Platinum Pen Set

I have one more for today.  This is a complete pen and pencil set made by Platinum.  I believe that they are from the 1970’s.  They have a matching floral pattern.

SOLD: NOS Pilot Murex F-H978

NOS Murex

SOLD! Today for sale:  A NOS Pilot Murex. Pilot Murex is part of the Myu family.  The pen is made of stainless steel.  The nib and section are one unit. These pens write very well and with its clean lines is very sexy. Here it is: This pen is NOS so it is in excellent […]

SOLD: NOS Pilot Myu 701


SOLD! Off of the site I had arranged to sell a NOS Myu.  The person that was interested has not responded but I really need to sell this pen. For those that do not know, NOS = New Old Stock.