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SOLD: Pilot MYU H1075


Another Myu for sale.  This one was my personal pen. Check it out:

SOLD: Pilot Myu 701 M474

Pilot Myu M474

Hey!  I have another Myu for sale.  Check it out…

SOLD: Pilot Murex F – H1279


People are always asking for these so here we go…

SOLD – Pilot Murex – F – H677

Pilot Murex F H677

SOLD! I have a Murex for sale today!  Check it out:

SOLD: Pilot Murex Red – F – H479

Pilot Murex Red - F H479

SOLD! Another one from my private collection… Here it is:

SOLD: Pilot Myu 701 – H1171

Pilot Myu-701 H1171

SOLD! I have another Myu for sale.  This is more of a beater / EDC pen. Check it out:

SOLD: Pilot Myu Black Stripe – F


SOLD! Well, I have been hesitant to buy one because the prices are really going up but today I have a Black Stripe Myu for sale.  Check it out:

SOLD: Pilot Myu Black Stripe (Damaged)


SOLD! For sale today…  A Black Stripe Myu.  I wish I could say this one was in perfect condition however there is some damage to the aesthetics of this pen.  Check it out: As you can see from the pictures, there are three small dents and one large scratch / gouge.  There are also some […]

SOLD: Pilot Murex NOS

SOLD! I came across two NOS Pilot Murex.  One is sold!  Both have F nibs and are dated H1279.  Here they are:

SOLD: Pilot Myu 701

Pilot Myu 701

SOLD! I get Myus from time to time.  Some are really great and some are not so great.  This one is slightly below average in looks but great when it writes.  I recommend this one for an EDC Myu.

SOLD: Pilot M90 – M nib

Pilot Myu M90

SOLD! Thank you for all the interest in this pen but it has been sold! This is the last Pilot Myu M90 that I will have for a while.  This one is in good condition.  It has an M nib and is stamped M 1208 (December 2008).

SOLD: Pilot Myu – Black Stripe – F

Pilot Black Stripe Myu

SOLD! I have been hunting for Black stripe Myus and came across a few that were unworthy for sale.  Then one auction that arrived at the house was wonderful.  That is this pen.

SOLD: Pilot Myu 701 – F

Pilot Myu 701

For sale today:  A beautiful Myu 701.  This one has a Fine Nib.  The date code is H1174 (Nov. 1974).

SOLD: Pilot Myu 701 – M nib

Pilot Myu 701

SOLD! I have another Pilot Myu 701 for sale.  This one is marked M – H675 (Hiratsuka, June 1975).