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SOLD: Platinum Sai #3776 M nib

Platinum Sai - M-nib

SOLD! Limited Edition for sale today.  Check it out:

SOLD: Pilot Myu 701 M474

Pilot Myu M474

Hey!  I have another Myu for sale.  Check it out…

SOLD: Pilot Pocket Pen – M nib

Pilot Pocket Pen 14k-M

SOLD! Another one today.  This one is beautiful!  Like new!  It even has the original sticker! Check it out:

SOLD: Pilot Volex Black – M


SOLD! One more special pen for sale today.  A Black Pilot Volex.  Check it out:

SOLD: Platinum Sterling Silver M nib

SOLD! Hello!  Today, I have for sale a wonderful vintage Platinum Sterling Silver pen.  Check it out:

SOLD: Pilot Capless Decimo M


SOLD! Today: a real beauty!  A 2009 Spring Limited Edition Capless decimo. Here it is:

SOLD: Pilot Custom Legance – Black – M

Pilot Custom Legance

SOLD! For today, I have a beauty!  This is a Pilot Custom Legance.  It has a very retro feel and writes beautifully!  Check it out: This pen is really interesting.  It uses the Custom name which is a long running name for some of the higher quality Pilot fountain pens.  It is made of Propionate […]

SOLD: Pilot M90 – M nib

Pilot Myu M90

SOLD! Thank you for all the interest in this pen but it has been sold! This is the last Pilot Myu M90 that I will have for a while.  This one is in good condition.  It has an M nib and is stamped M 1208 (December 2008).

SOLD: Pilot Custom Heritage 92 – Violet – M

Pilot Custom Heritage 92

SOLD! Here it is again:  Pilot Custom Heritage 92.  Purple (Violet).  Medium #5 nib (1111 – Nov. 2011).  It’s a Pilot Piston filler.

SOLD: Lamy Scala M nib

LAMY Scala

SOLD! Matte black and chrome is a beautiful combination.  Lamy chose to use that combination in this pen.  The Scala is metal bodied pen.  The design is smooth and simple.  

SOLD: Platinum Stainless Steel M nib

Platinum Stainless Steel

SOLD! Up next a Platinum Stainless steel fountain pen. Here it is: This pen is used but looks excellent.  Upon close inspection some daily wear and tear can be seen on the section.  The outside body has no major wear, scratches, brassing, etc.  It is beautiful! The nib is 18K white gold.  It is marked […]

Fountian Pen Present

Wow!  Today I received a gift from a student.  It was a brand new Pilot Cavalier fountain pen.  She told me that her husband got it as a gift a long time ago but they never used it.  I don’t feel comfortable getting such expensive looking things from students.  I was not sure of how much it […]