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SOLD: Pilot Myu 701 – M nib

Pilot Myu 701

SOLD! I have another Pilot Myu 701 for sale.  This one is marked M – H675 (Hiratsuka, June 1975).

SOLD: Pilot Custom 742 F nib

Pilot Custom 742

SOLD! The Pilot Custom series consists of a large number of pens.  One of the series is the 74 series.  The low end pen is the Custom 74, the mid-range is the Custom 742 and the high-end pen is the Custom 743.  In Japan they are ¥10,000, 20,000 and ¥30,000 (or $100, $200 and $300) […]

SOLD: Lamy Scala M nib

LAMY Scala

SOLD! Matte black and chrome is a beautiful combination.  Lamy chose to use that combination in this pen.  The Scala is metal bodied pen.  The design is smooth and simple.  

SOLD: Parker Sterling Silver and 14k GF – Cisele

Parker Cisele

Up today, one of the flashiest pens I have ever used.  This is a Parker 75 Cisele Sterling Silver and 14k G.F.  “Made in USA”.  It has a #63 nib which is Extra Fine.

SOLD: Platinum Shoji – M nib

Platinum Shoji

SOLD! The Platinum Shoji is a limited edition pen made by the Japanese Maker Platinum.  It is an homage to the five lakes around Mount Fuji.  The inner cap lists the names and shapes of all the lakes.  This pen is 932 / 3776.  #3776 is a reference to the height of Mt. Fuji.

SOLD: Pilot Custom – Maple – B nib

Pilot Custom Maple

SOLD! Wooden pens are unique.  Because the material is natural they feel different in your hand.  This one is a vintage Maple Pilot Custom from Sept. 1974.  It is beautiful!

SOLD: Pilot Custom Heritage 92 – Clear – Fine

Pilot Custom Heritage 92

SOLD! Here it is:  Pilot Custom Heritage 92.  Clear.  14k Fine #5 nib (1211 – Dec. 2011).  It is Pilot’s entry in the Piston Filler market.

SOLD: Sailor Sapporo – Orange – MF nib

Sailor Sapporo

SOLD! I have wanted to try a Sailor Sapporo (Sailor Professional Gear Slim) for some time.  There is a lot of hype online.  People who like them, love them!  Now… I understand what the fuss is about now.

SOLD: Pilot Murex – M nib

Pilot Murex

SOLD! Today I have another Pilot Murex to offer.  This one has an M nib and is marked H877.

SOLD: Pilot Custom Black Stripe – EF

Pilot Custom Black Stripe

SOLD! Today I am offering a Pilot Custom Black Stripe.  This one is in great condition.  It has an EF nib.

SOLD: Pilot M90 – M – 808

Pilot M90

SOLD! Up for sale is the wonderful Pilot M90.  This one has an M nib.  The date code on this one is 808, or August 2008. The M90 is a limited edition run of 9000 pens made in 2008 in the style of the Pilot Myu 701.  It is made of stainless steel and the […]

SOLD: Pilot Cocoon Set

Pilot Cocoon Set

Today I have for sale 2 sets of Pilot Cocoon pens.  These are limited edition colors that were never for sale.  They were given as gifts to stockholders of Pilot Corporation.

SOLD: Pilot Elite Lattice Cap H181

Pilot Elite Lattice Cap - H181 - F

SOLD! For today, an often requested pen.  Pilot Elite, Lattice Cap.  This one has a 14K F nib marked H181; or 14K Gold, Fine nib from January 1981.

SOLD: 1970’s Platinum Pen Set

Platinum Pen Set

I have one more for today.  This is a complete pen and pencil set made by Platinum.  I believe that they are from the 1970’s.  They have a matching floral pattern.