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SOLD: Pilot Elite Lattice Cap – F Nib

SOLD! Another one ready for sale… Here it is:

SOLD: Pilot Elite Pocket Pen – 18k M-nib

Pilot-Elite Silver-Black

Hello! Long time no see!  I have a pen for sale today! This is a wonderful EDC pen.  It’s a little beat up but writes well.  It looks like the clip was twisted so there is a dent next to the clip.  The clip works fine.  The spring is still strong.  There are a lot […]

SOLD: Pilot Elite Pocket Pen


SOLD! Another one for today, a Pilot Elite pocket pen.  Check it out:

SOLD: Pilot Elite Lattice Cap – F

Pilot Elite Lattice Cap

SOLD! Pilot Elite Lattice pens are very popular.  They are small pocket pens.  They looks really nice and write well too!  This one is from December 1975.  The lattice cap is made of stainless steel.  These pens are quite sturdy.

SOLD: Pilot Elite – Coral – Fine

Pilot Elite - Coral

SOLD! I have a 1970’s Pilot Elite pocket pen for sale today.  This one is silver-grey with a coral colored grip section.  This pen is in great condition.

SOLD: Pilot Elite Lattice Set

Pilot Elite Full Lattice

SOLD! Today I have a Pilot Elite Full Lattice Fountain pen with a fine thumbnail-style nib.  This is a set with a 0.5mm mechanical pencil.  It is an amazing set.

Pilot Elite 95S (New)

Pilot Elite 95S

REMOVED FROM SALE! Thank you for the interest.  

SOLD: Pilot Elite Lattice Cap H181

Pilot Elite Lattice Cap - H181 - F

SOLD! For today, an often requested pen.  Pilot Elite, Lattice Cap.  This one has a 14K F nib marked H181; or 14K Gold, Fine nib from January 1981.

SOLD: Pilot Elite – Green – Script Nib

Pilot Elite - Green

SOLD! Up for sale today is a Pilot Elite.  This is a pocket pen, sometimes also known as a “big cap”, “short / long” and short pen. This pen is beautiful.  This pen has a green plastic section and body.  The cap is a titanium-grey color.  There is a scroll design with the Elite logo […]

SOLD : Pilot Elite Sterling Silver

Pilot Elite Sterling Silver

Pilot Elite pens are very durable and beautiful.  This one is no exception.  This has the same nib type as the Pilot Customs of the era.  The key feature of this pen is the Sterling Silver Cap.  I prefer Sterling Silver pens to be polished and shiny.  I have read before that many collectors prefer […]

SOLD : Pilot Elite Short Pen

SOLD! Yesterday I showed you the parts that make up a 1970’s Pilot Elite pen.  This pen is now for sale. The pen is marked H670 on the nib so it was manufactured in June 1970.  This pen is really really scratched.  There are no deep scratches.  There is also no rust or corrosion.  It […]