Fountain Pens For Sale (Info)

Currently Available:

These are the pens currently available.


Do you ship internationally?

Certainly!  I live in Japan. I can send the pens anywhere in the world.  For costs check the next FAQ question.

Who pays shipping and how much?

If you spend from ¥0 – ¥5000 you will be responsible for shipping.  ¥5000 – ¥10,000 then I can pay half the shipping.  If you spend more that ¥10,000 then shipping will be free.  Free shipping uses EMS internationally and Letter Pack 500 in Japan.  I live in Japan so the post prices are listed here: Japan Post.  Your best bet would be EMS.  Find your zone and check the rate schedule.  Pens are very lightweight so they package is usually in the first two price ranges.

Another option would be “Letter-Post” – “Airmail / Small Packets”.  This is very cheap although shipping is slow and there are no tracking numbers.  I can ship using airmail but I can not provide any guarantees.  Shipping times may also be slow.

EMS usually ¥1200-1500.  Letter-Post is usually ¥300-500.

How can I pay?

Paypal is the easiest option.  I would prefer to be paid in yen but if you can not do that then you can send the money in your currency.  I lost money on a sale due to the exchange of currency so I can not negotiate the price of pens if you want to pay in your countries currency.

Since I live in Japan but I am from the US, I can also accept a bank transfer in Japan, or a money order or personal check in the US.

International payments from other countries can be made in other ways. Some countries offer international postal money orders.  In other countries a bank transfer to Japan may be the best bet. Contact me and we can work something out.  

What is the current exchange rate?

The exchange rate fluctuates from  hour to hour.  I use google to find the latest rate.  If you search “1000 yen in USD”, it will calculate the latest value for you.  I have started marking the word “currently” with a link to google to find the approximate value.  Paypal may use a slightly different exchange rate.  I do not know how often the update their rates.

Do you guarantee your pens?

Well, everything I sell is used so I can not give a full guarantee. I do use all the pens (unless stated) for at least a week and if I am not satisfied with the performance, I will tweak it until it works properly (no skipping, no bad starts, no leaks, etc…)  If you feel like I have misrepresented a pen, we can work out an appropriate and fair solution.

If there is a dispute that requires you to send the pen back, you will be responsible for paying the shipping cost.

I guarantee the description of NOS and new pens but once they are inked it is your pen.  It can not be returned once it is inked (including dipping).

How do I buy a pen from you?

Wow!  Thanks!  Ok.  Post a comment on the pen you want to buy.  Make sure that you use your real email address.  I will then contact you in regards to your inquiry.  We can make the arrangements through email and I will send you the pen when I have received the payment.  I know it sounds a bit tedious but that is all I have to work with for the time being.


Send me an email at and include a link to the pen you are interested in.  I will respond and we can make the necessary arrangements.  The same goes as above: when I receive payment, I will ship the pens.

Are your prices negotiable?

Yes and no.  I believe that the price I am asking is fair.  You can ask and maybe we can work something out.  Also if you buy more than one pen, I will be more willing to work out a deal!

*NEW* – If you buy multiple pens, I can give a ¥500 discount for each pen over ¥5000.  2 pens = ¥1,000 off.  3 pens = ¥1,500 and so on.

What is available right now?

Any pen that is listed in the “Fountain Pens For Sale” ( category on this site.  When a pen is sold, I will make sure to change the title of the post and edit the post as appropriate.

There are prices in yen and dollars, which is correct?

Actually, the price in yen is what I would like to sell the pen for.  Because the exchange rate changes regularly the converted price can differ.  If the post is old you should convert the price from yen to your currency to see the current selling price in your currency.

How many pens have you sold so far?

I do not remove the posts when the pens are sold.  I just edit them to show that they were sold.  You can see the pens I have sold here.

You say that you can include Iroshizuku cartridges.  What colors do you have?

Well, Pilot officially does not sell iroshizuku ink in cartridges.  I created a tool that lets me refill a cartridge and reseal it the same way that Pilot does.  The cartridge looks exactly the same as what Pilot sells, only I have refilled it with better ink.  The cartridges I refill are new and have not been used in a pen.

Here is a photo of the available colors:

Available Ink Colors

Available Ink Colors


For those that do not read chicken scratch:

  • Pilot iroshizuku shin-ryoku
  • Pilot iroshizuku kon-peki
  • Pilot iroshizuku tsuki-yo
  • Pilot iroshizuku yama-budo
  • Pilot iroshizuku momiji
  • Pilot iroshizuku fuyu-gaki
  • Pilot iroshizuku tsutsuji
  • Pilot iroshizuku kosumosu
  • Pilot iroshizuku chiku-rin
  • Pilot iroshizuku shin-kai
  • Pilot iroshizuku fuyu-shogun
  • Pilot iroshizuku murasaki-shikibu
  • Pilot iroshizuku ku-jaku
  • Pilot iroshizuku ama-iro
  • Pilot iroshizuku asa-gao
  • Pilot iroshizuku yu-yake
  • Pilot iroshizuku ina-ho
  • Pilot iroshizuku tsukushi
  • Platinum Pigment Blue
  • Platinum Carbon Black

Do I need to pay Duty?

This depends on the rules and laws of your country.   You are responsible for any duties or other charges that may be incurred after the package is shipped.  I have not heard of any problems so far and I have sent packages to 6 countries.

As further questions come in, I will add them to this post.

Last update – June 25, 2013

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  1. Jerry K. Wang 15 April 2013 at 7:17 pm #

    How much is the cost of Pilot Elite Lattice Cap and Pilot Elite Full Lattice?

  2. Eric 3 May 2013 at 2:26 am #

    Cost of Pilot Elite Lattice Cap? Nib material on this pen? 14 k gold or steel? Nib size?