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BBC Horizon – Defeating the Superbug

I just finished watching the documentary “BBC Horizon 2012: Defeating the Superbugs ¦ 720p” on Youtube. This is a very interesting look at our current research into superbugs and how to protect our health in the future.  Some of the ideas discussed include: The cause and sources of superbugs Searching the earth, soil, caves, waters for new […]

BBC – Eat, Fast and Live Longer

Today I checked out BBC Horizon – Eat, Fast and Live Longer The presenter, Michael Mosley, goes on a journey to see how he can stay healthy, mentally and physically, as he ages.  The discoveries presented by the scientists in this show suggest that by fasting our body will enter a different state which will […]

BBC – Visions of the Future

I love watching documentaries on YouTube! Recently I watched “The Intelligence Revolution – Visions of the Future – BBC“.  Michio Kaku looks at how artificial intelligence will revolutionize our homes, workplaces and lifestyles. I was watching this and thinking how foolish and strange so of the ideas sounded.  However the more I thought, the more […]