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Tetris – Level 21

I have been playing Tetris quite a lot recently.  I remember reading somewhere that playing Tetris can reduce Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.  While I know that I have not been a soldier in a war or anything else close to that, I was in Tokyo for the March 2011 earthquake.  I have not […]

Tetris High Score Challenge

I have been playing some old school Nintendo Tetris recently to kill time.  I really loved it when I was young so I dusted off my old game and was trying to pass the “B-type” game at Height 0 using nothing but “Tetrises” or 4 lines cleared at a time.  I played level 9 over […]

LEGO table – Mario pattern

I made this table out of LEGO a few years ago and it has help up quite well.  It even handled a move to a new apartment without needing to be taken apart!  Yeah! The top pattern is made of a lot of small pieces to make the pattern.  Under that is three alternating layers […]