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MYU 701 – Disassembled

MYU 701 Disassembled

* Do not try this at home! * I am not responsible if you destroy your sexy iconic Pilot pen.  This is not necessary to clean your Myu!

Disassemble a Pilot Short Pen II

In the first repair article I wrote, I showed you the parts of a Pilot Elite.  There are two types of Pilot short / pocket pens.  One is what I call the “fingernail nib” type.  That is what I discussed in the previous article. This article will discuss the “hooded” type.  Here are some pictures […]

Disassemble a Short Pilot Elite

Pilot 18k script nib

When I first got a short Pilot fountain pen, I wanted to take it apart to clean and adjust it.  I took the body off, removed the cartridge and then had no idea how to take it apart.  I searched the internet but couldn’t find any really good articles on how to disassemble these pocket […]