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Long Time No See

Hello everyone! I am sorry about disappearing without a word. There was a tragedy in my family about one and a half years ago.  I wanted to keep working through it but a few other issues, health problems, and things happened and I just didn’t have the power and motivation to keep working on this […]

Round Two

I have finished the sending out the first round of pens.  I will be emailing the other people that made requests this week. Thank youfor for your patience. Steve

Sorry for the Delay

I have replied to several people but I am further behind than I expected.  I do not want to over do it and end up make a mistake. If you are waiting for a reply, please be patient.  I am working slowly but surely. Steve

Coming Back

Hello! I have been so busy.  I have not been able to check mail or get any work done for this website.  I have slowed down a littel now and I should be able to resume my fountain pen stuff this week. I have to clean up the things I have been working on before […]

…On a Break…

Hello, I have been very busy with work and my daily life recently.  I have not had a chance to add any new pens to the site. The upcoming two weeks will be the climax of this.  I will not be able to send any pens out over the next few weeks.  I am willing […]

This Site’s Namesake

This site was originally registered because I was in love with bicycle culture in Tokyo.  After I bought a new fixie, my coworkers and I were talking about naming it.  I said that with a fixed gear bike you can not stop your feet or you will die.  I was goofing around but it turned […]

First Post!

Well, this is the newly rebuilt site for my ramblings.  (Like the internet really needs another…) Anyways, I really wanted to build a site here for Tokyo bicycle life and culture but unfortunately, I didn’t really have time to follow through.  Now I am outside of Tokyo so I don’t have a chance to go to the […]