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Depth Of Field 101

Depth of field is a photography term that I have heard a lot.  When I first bought a camera I had no idea what it meant.  I would like to simplify what it is here. One of the principles of photograpy is aperture.   The aperture is the physical part inside a camera lens.  It opens and closes […]

Meanwhile in Japan…

Tokyo can be a great place to just walk around and shoot photos.  Here is one of my favorite buildings that I stumbled across walking around the city: King-Yo!

Guns and Swords

Japan is a country with strict rules and laws about weapons.  Guns are strictly prohibited although I have heard that there are exceptions for hunting. Because real guns are not allowed, toy guns are popular amongst some people.  Some of the guns shoot BB’s or pellets, others are just replicas for display. This is the […]

My Favorite Shot

This is one of my favorite photos. I like photography because of all of the memories that one picture can bring back.  This was taken back in 2008.  We went to the beach to ride BMX and hang out.  My friends son, his mom and I ran out towards the water.  He really didn’t want to wear […]

Zoom, Framing, Composition

I bought a nice camera a few years ago.  I studied photography by myself with the help of some photography books.  I stick with basics still.  Rule of thirds, appropriate depth of field and so on… I went to the beach today and snapped some photos.  Some of them came out good but not others.  I […]