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Mission: 8 Minutes

Yesterday I watched the movie “Source Code” with my wife.  The title in Japanese is 「ミッション:8ミニッツ」 or Mission: 8 Minutes in English.  When I first saw this movie advertised on the internet it looked kind of interesting but when I watched the trailer I couldn’t get into the idea.  I more or less forgot about this movie […]


Tonight I watched Limitless with my wife.  Overall I was satisfied with this movie although there were a few scenes that were too violent for me.  I will go into a little detail below. The story is based around the life of Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper).  From the start of the movie, we quickly learn […]

The Switch

Just watched “The Switch” with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.  It is a romantic comedy or (rom com) which centers around friends that live in New York.  Jennifer Aniston’s character realizes that she is getting older and her maternal instincts tell her that she needs to have a baby before it is too late.  The […]