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Buying a House (or How I Envy the Rich)

How I envy the rich and why I think I will never be rich.  Aka: Money Loves Money! I am an English teacher and one of my students said something profound to me.  “Money loves money!”  We thought for a few minutes and wondered if those words have ever been uttered by anyone with enough prominence to make it […]

Illegal Downloading in Japan

A new anti-downloading law took effect in Japan on October 1st, 2012.  As anyone who knows me might attest, I do not understand legal things very well, this case included.  I can not even speculate on the impact this may have on Japan but I know a lot of people that are now scared to […]

Why YouTube, Why?

Was browsing reddit today.  On the front page, I ran across a video about how “Lil Wayne has officially run out of fucks to give.”  I am not a fan of Lil Wayne but I checked the video out anyways just to see why it was voted to the front page.  It was a video […]

iOS 6 – Guided Access

The best new feature in iOS 6 is Guided Access! What is guided access? Well, one way to explain it might be kiosk mode.  What I mean is that when you enable guided access, the user of the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch will not be able to switch apps.  You essentially lock the device […]

iTunes Movie Rental

I rent most of my movies from iTunes.  I really love the convenience of choosing, downloading and watching a movie in the comfort of my house and not worrying about late fees for late returns.  I have noticed some things have been getting to me recently though. The Big Problem : Languages! I am a […]

Java 66.6MB

I think its quite fitting that the update to help stop the nasty Flashback botnet comes in at 66.6MB.  It is the “devil” trojan that I think is the start of mainstream Mac security problems. Apple has had an impressive run with, dare I say, no major security vulnerabilities since the release of OSX in 2001.  At […]

Impossible CAPTCHAs

I hate CAPTCHAs even though I use them on my site.  I understand why we need them.  My spam stopped once I installed it. When I come across some that are impossible or interesting, I take a screen shot of them.  (On a Mac: CMD-Shift-4 and drag the mouse over the area you want to […]

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Meanwhile in Japan… Does the title of this article make sense to you?  If so then you already know who this is.  She is a 19 year old model and blogger turned pop singer.  Her full stage name is “Caroline Charonplop Kyary Pamyu Pamyu”. The ultra-sweet J-pop sound of this is a bit cute to […]

New iPad Rant

This is my first of some rants.  I have to get something off my chest.  I just hope I can get my point across… I live in Japan so when I hear about Apple announcements, I know that I will have to stay up really late to watch live.  I know, I could just sleep and […]


Taking a walk in Sagamioono, Kanagawa, Japan, I came across a delivery vehicle that I see often in Japan: a delivery bicycle. It’s a great thing to see small, efficient machines cruising around the city to perform a task that is most often done by big dirty trucks.  In Japan, the land mass is smaller […]