SOLD – Pilot Murex – F – H677


I have a Murex for sale today!  Check it out:

Pilot Murex - Capped

Pilot Murex – Capped

Pilot Murex - Top

Pilot Murex – Top

Pilot Murex - Bottom

Pilot Murex – Bottom

Integrated F nib

Integrated F nib



F - H677 - Hiratsuka, June 1977

F – H677 – Hiratsuka, June 1977

Cap Top and Body Bottom

Cap Top and Body Bottom

Writing Sample

Writing Sample

This one looks beautiful from a distance.  If you do a very detailed close look, you can find some imperfections and flaws.  The big ones…  the nib looks like it might have been bent at one point.  It is straight but has a strange shadow in certain light that makes me think it could have been.

Pilot Murex F H677

Look closely at the tip of the nib. There is a slight bend.

There are a few scratches / or pits on the grip section.  They are not noticeable unless looking very very carefully.

The feed seems slightly off center.  I have seen a few other Myus and Murex like this in the past and have not found a way to correct it.  It does not seem to be a problem with this pen.

The other problems are normal to used Murex.  There are bubbles on the feed.  It is cosmetic only so there is no problem.  The clip has a few small dings on it.

As for the most important part…  How it writes…  It’s great.  There is a little feedback but certainly not scratchy.  Light hands make smooth lines.  It’s perfect for a daily writer.

I am asking ¥12,000 for this pen (currently around $97.55).  That includes the pen, a new CON-20, two ink cartridges and FREE shipping.

If you do not need the CON-20, you can subtract ¥200.

If you have any questions or would like to buy this pen, please send email to




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