Long Time No See

Hello everyone!

I am sorry about disappearing without a word.

There was a tragedy in my family about one and a half years ago.  I wanted to keep working through it but a few other issues, health problems, and things happened and I just didn’t have the power and motivation to keep working on this site.

I have hundreds of pens that I want to get ready for sale.  I bought a lot but always seemed to run out of time to work on them.  I have a always loved working on pens and now I am starting to get back into the swing of it.  I added one new pen to the site right now and I have a few others ready.  After I photograph the ones that are ready, I am hoping to get one or two pens per week ready for sale.

I need to expand my career.  There are some books and training materials that I would like to buy so I will put some of my private collection up for sale too.  My wife and I are running out of money and it seems to be making everything feel worse.

I got a lot of emails from people I met through this site.  I just want to say that I read them all but had no idea how to reply.  I was not in a good state of mind.  I am doing better now.  Thank you for all your support and caring words!




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