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Long Time No See

Hello everyone! I am sorry about disappearing without a word. There was a tragedy in my family about one and a half years ago.  I wanted to keep working through it but a few other issues, health problems, and things happened and I just didn’t have the power and motivation to keep working on this […]

SOLD: Pilot Elite Pocket Pen – 18k M-nib

Pilot-Elite Silver-Black

Hello! Long time no see!  I have a pen for sale today! This is a wonderful EDC pen.  It’s a little beat up but writes well.  It looks like the clip was twisted so there is a dent next to the clip.  The clip works fine.  The spring is still strong.  There are a lot […]

SOLD: Pilot Custom 74 – Violet – M

Pilot Custom 74

SOLD! For sale today:  A Pilot Custom 74.  This is the entry level pen for the Pilot Custom 74 / 742 / 743 series.

SOLD: Platinum Shoji (New)

Platinum Shoji

SOLD OUT! For sale today:  Platinum Shoji.  I have 2 left.  One has a Fine nib, the other one has a Medium nib.  They are all new and have never been inked.

SOLD: Sailor Sapporo Lim. Ed. Blue – Zoom nib

Sailor Pro Gear Slim - Lim.Ed.

SOLD! In Japan there is a fountain pen and stationery magazine called “Shumi no Bungu Bako” or 「趣味の文具箱」 in Japanese characters.  They occasionally have limited edition pens made by Sailor.  This is one of those pens.