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SOLD: Pilot Celemo – Red – F


SOLD! For sale today:  Pilot Celemo red with a 14k F nib.  Check it out:

SOLD: Pilot Myu Black Stripe (Damaged)


SOLD! For sale today…  A Black Stripe Myu.  I wish I could say this one was in perfect condition however there is some damage to the aesthetics of this pen.  Check it out: As you can see from the pictures, there are three small dents and one large scratch / gouge.  There are also some […]

SOLD: Sailor Sapporo Clear – EF

Sailor Sapporo - Skeleton

SOLD! One more today.  A beautiful Sailor Sapporo (Pro Gear Slim) Clear (Skeleton).  Check it out:

SOLD: Sailor 21 Pocket Pen (Better Condition)

Sailor 21

SOLD! Here is the second Sailor 21 Available today.  This one is in much better condition.  Check it out:

SOLD: Sailor 21 Pocket Pen

Sailor 21 (01)

SOLD! I have two Sailor 21 Pocket Pens to put up today.  Here is the first one.  This one is a bit beat up but is perfect for EDC.  Check it out: