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SOLD: Platinum Short Fountain Pen EF

Platinum Short

SOLD! One more today.  This is a Platinum Short pen.  Black with gold trim, a diamond shaped inlay, and an EF nib. Here it is:

SOLD: Pilot Extendible 14k – F

Pilot Short Extendible

SOLD! Today I am putting up a Pilot Short – Extendible pen for sale.  This one is really cool. Here it is:

SOLD: Pilot Elite 18k – Script nib


SOLD! Today I have a Pilot Elite short pen.  It has an 18k script nib.   Check it out:

SOLD: Pilot Murex NOS

SOLD! I came across two NOS Pilot Murex.  One is sold!  Both have F nibs and are dated H1279.  Here they are:

SOLD: Pilot Elite 95S

Pilot Elite 95S

SOLD! I have one Pilot Elite 95S left.  It could be yours!  Here it is: This pen was returned to me.  There are no problems with it.  It is new and has never been inked or dipped.  It has an M nib. I am asking ¥6000 for this pen (currently around $59.10 USD).  It includes […]