SOLD: Pilot Elite – Coral – Fine


I have a 1970’s Pilot Elite pocket pen for sale today.  This one is silver-grey with a coral colored grip section.  This pen is in great condition.

Here it is:

Pilot Elite - 11.8 cm

Pilot Elite – 11.8 cm

Posted - 14.4 cm

Posted – 14.4 cm

Opened (top) - Pen - 12 cm

Opened (top) – Pen – 12 cm

Opened (bottom) - Cap - 7.8 cm

Opened (bottom) – Cap – 7.8 cm

18k F nib

18k F nib

Feed is internal

Feed is internal

Cap and Body

Cap and Body

"Elite" Scroll Design

“Elite” Scroll Design

Writing Sample

Writing Sample

This pen was made in the 1970’s.  It needs to be taken apart to be more accurately dated.  I have not taken it apart.

The pen is in excellent condition.   There are two small blemishes.  There is a ghost image of the circular price sticker on the cap.  It should disappear with light exposure.  There is also a small chip on the bottom of the pen.  It can be seen in the “Cap and Body” picture above.

I am asking ¥3,200 for this pen (currently around $32.50).  That includes the pen, a new CON-20 and 2 ink cartridges.

You will need to pay shipping.  If you spend at least ¥5000, I will pay half the shipping.  If you spend at least ¥10,000, shipping is free.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

If you would like to buy this pen, please leave a comment or send mail to

Thank you!


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