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SOLD: Pilot Elite Lattice Cap – F

Pilot Elite Lattice Cap

SOLD! Pilot Elite Lattice pens are very popular.  They are small pocket pens.  They looks really nice and write well too!  This one is from December 1975.  The lattice cap is made of stainless steel.  These pens are quite sturdy.

SOLD: Pilot Myu 701

Pilot Myu 701

SOLD! I get Myus from time to time.  Some are really great and some are not so great.  This one is slightly below average in looks but great when it writes.  I recommend this one for an EDC Myu.

SOLD: Pilot Short – Black

Pilot Short - Black

SOLD! The last update for today. One more Pilot Short.  This one is black.

SOLD: Platinum Black and Gold Pocket Pen

Platinum Black and Gold

SOLD! Another pocket pen.  This one is made by Platinum.  This pen is gold with black stripes.  It has an 18k Soft Fine nib.

SOLD: Pilot Short – Green

Pilot Short - Green

SOLD! I have another 1960’s Pilot Short Pen today.  This one is green and is in good condition.  Pilot Shorts are small pens that can extend.  The cap is made of stainless steel.  The body is stainless and plastic (resin?).  They are very fun pens to own.

SOLD: Pilot Elite – Coral – Fine

Pilot Elite - Coral

SOLD! I have a 1970’s Pilot Elite pocket pen for sale today.  This one is silver-grey with a coral colored grip section.  This pen is in great condition.

Sold: Pilot Short – Turquoise w/ Gold Clip

Pilot Short Turquoise with inlay

SOLD! This is a unique Pilot pen.  A Pilot “Short”.  This pen is very short when it is capped and can be extended to a full sized pen.  It is pretty interesting.

SOLD: Pilot Elite Lattice Set

Pilot Elite Full Lattice

SOLD! Today I have a Pilot Elite Full Lattice Fountain pen with a fine thumbnail-style nib.  This is a set with a 0.5mm mechanical pencil.  It is an amazing set.

SOLD: Pilot M90 – M nib

Pilot Myu M90

SOLD! Thank you for all the interest in this pen but it has been sold! This is the last Pilot Myu M90 that I will have for a while.  This one is in good condition.  It has an M nib and is stamped M 1208 (December 2008).

SOLD: Sailor Crystal Blue – MF

Sailor Crystal Blue

SOLD! Today I have a very rare treat.  This one is called the “Maruzen Nihonbashi Original Professional Gear Slim Fountain Pen Crystal Blue”.  Wow!  That is a mouthful. There were only 100 of these produced.  The info about this pen can be found here on Salior’s site. (JP Only)

SOLD: Pilot Myu – Black Stripe – F

Pilot Black Stripe Myu

SOLD! I have been hunting for Black stripe Myus and came across a few that were unworthy for sale.  Then one auction that arrived at the house was wonderful.  That is this pen.

SOLD: Platinum Motosu – F

Platinum Motosu

SOLD! Today I have a Platinum Century Motosu. The Motosu is a limited Edition pen that was produced in 2011.  Because it was made in 2011, Platinum produced 2011 pieces.  They are sold out everywhere.  You may be able to find some somewhere but you will really need to dig. This pen is a clear […]

Pilot Elite 95S (New)

Pilot Elite 95S

REMOVED FROM SALE! Thank you for the interest.  

SOLD: Sailor Profit Realo – F

Sailor Profit Realo

SOLD! Like most fountain pen makers, Sailor has a Piston Filling pen.  It is called the Sailor Profit Realo.