SOLD: Sailor Sapporo – Orange – MF nib


I have wanted to try a Sailor Sapporo (Sailor Professional Gear Slim) for some time.  There is a lot of hype online.  People who like them, love them!  Now… I understand what the fuss is about now.

Here it is:

Sailor Sapporo - 12cm

Sailor Sapporo – 12cm

Uncapped - 11 cm - Top

Uncapped – 11 cm – Top

Uncapped - Bottom

Uncapped – Bottom

Posted - 14.2cm

Posted – 14.2cm

Beautiful H-MF nib

Beautiful H-MF nib

Cap Trim "Sailor"

Cap Trim “Sailor”

Cap Top and Pen Bottom

Cap Top and Pen Bottom

Great Design

Great Design



Writing Sample

Writing Sample

This pen is actually called a Sailor Professional Gear Slim.  It is usually called a Sailor Sapporo outside of Japan.  This one is orange with a 14k H – MF nib.  H means hard.  It means the nib is stiff and is not made to flex.  MF means Medium Fine.  The line this pen writes is between the width of a F and M nib.

I love this pen.  This orange color just pops out!  I have gotten a lot of compliments for this pen during the week.

My impression of this pen:  The cap and clip are very traditional in shape and design.  The trim ring around the cap has gerat detail with the engravings.  It says “Sailor Japan Founded 1911” around the trim.  The cap threads onto the body.  That means that the cap can not accidentally fall off the pen easily.  The section threads into the body to expose the cartridge or convertor.  The thread area has an o-ring on it to allow the parts to hold on to each other without needing to tighten the parts down too tight.  Great!  The nib and feed can be removed by pulling them out of the front of the pen.  The channel of the feed is very wide to allow great ink flow.

I am very impressed with this pen!

I am asking ¥8200 yen for this pen (currently around $80.00).  That includes the pen, a new convertor and 2 ink cartridges.

If you spend ¥5000-9999, I will pay half the shipping.  If you spend ¥10,000+ shipping is free.

If you have any questions please leave a comment!

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