SOLD: Pilot Cocoon Set

Today I have for sale 2 sets of Pilot Cocoon pens.  These are limited edition colors that were never for sale.  They were given as gifts to stockholders of Pilot Corporation.

The set includes 2 pens and one mechanical pencil.  The fountain pen has a fine nib.  The Ball-point pen is a 0.7mm pen with black ink.   The mechanical pencil uses 0.5mm lead.

Here it is:

Gift Box

Gift Box

Box Contents

Box Contents

Ballpoint Pen, Fountain pen, Mechanical Pencil

Ballpoint Pen, Fountain pen, Mechanical Pencil

Fine - Steel nib

Fine – Steel nib

The Cocoon series retails for (FP) ¥3150 + (BP) 1575 + (MP) 1575 = ¥6,300.  In Japan there are 5 colors available: silver, blue, pink, titanium and metallic grey.  This limited edition pen is blue but is a brighter and more beautiful blue than the standard blue.

The fountain pen can be used with Pilot cartridges, a CON-20 or a CON-50.  This fountain pen is usually called the Pilot Metropolitan outside of Japan.

The ballpoint pen is a twist type.  It comes with oil-based black ink.  The body pivots just below the clip and you twist to extend the point.  The same area unthreads to replace the ink.  The refill part number is BRFN-10F.  They  are available in black, blue and red. sells them for $1.65 per refill.

The mechanical pencil clicks at the center.  You can see a gap below the clip.  That is where the mechanism moves.  To add new lead the body will pull off at that point.  It uses 0.5mm lead.  There is also a tiny eraser inside.

This is perfect as a gift.  Students would enjoy this set.  Because the color is rare, it is also great to add to a collection.

I am asking ¥6000 ¥5,800 for this set (currently around $59.00 USD).  This includes the three pens in the gift box with the original documentation.  I can include a CON-20 for free if you would like one.  I can also include 2 iroshizuku cartridges for free if you would like to sample some of Pilots specialty colors.  If you would like a CON-50 instead of a CON-20, please add ¥300.

I currently have 2 sets available.

If you spend ¥5000-9999, I will pay half the shipping.  If you spend ¥10,000+ shipping is free.If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

If you would like to buy this set, please leave a comment or send email to


BTW.  I am not a shareholder.  I acquired these somewhere else.

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