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SOLD OUT: Lamy Safari Red w/ Yellow Clip

Lamy Safari Red w/Yellow Clip

They are SOLD OUT! Thanks! I have (ONLY ONE LEFT) Lamy Safari Red with Yellow Clip pens for sale.  These are extremely rare.  

SOLD: Pilot Volex – F – H1277

Pilot Volex - F - H1277

Sold! Have you heard of the Pilot Volex?  I have seen it called the “Brother of Myu”.  It is a very interesting pen.

SOLD: Pilot Capless Black Stripe

Capless Black Stripe

SOLD! Today I have something amazing that I want to put up for sale.  A C-400BS.  Also known as a (1971) Pilot Capless Black Stripe.  This one has a 14K F nib with no noticeable date markings.

SOLD: Pilot Murex – M – H1079

Pilot Murex - M - H1079

SOLD! Today I am posting a Pilot Murex for sale.  This pen has an M nib and was made in October 1979.  It looks great and writes smoothly.

SOLD: Pelikan M800 Demonstrator

Pelikan M800 Demonstrator

SOLD! Today I want to put up for sale a Pelikan Demonstrator.  This is a limited edition pen that has labels engraved into the body for all of the internal parts.  This is a cool pen!

SOLD: Pilot Elite – Green – Script Nib

Pilot Elite - Green

SOLD! Up for sale today is a Pilot Elite.  This is a pocket pen, sometimes also known as a “big cap”, “short / long” and short pen. This pen is beautiful.  This pen has a green plastic section and body.  The cap is a titanium-grey color.  There is a scroll design with the Elite logo […]

SOLD: Pelikan M400 White Tortoise – F nib

Pelikan M400 - Tortoise

SOLD! I have always wanted to try a Pelikan Souverän.  I have been looking for a good one for a long time.  I finally found this gorgeous pen for sale so I snapped it up.  This is a Pelikan Souverän M400 White Tortoise with a 14C  two tone F nib.

SOLD: Resin Pilot Elabo – S-EF

Pilot Elabo

SOLD! The Pilot Elabo is a frequently talked about pen.  There are newer models called the Namiki Falcon that are very similiar but not exactly the same. What is an Elabo?  It is meant to be a soft nibbed fountain pen.  This one is a S-EF or Soft Extra Fine.

SOLD: Pilot Black and Gold – 14k Fine

Pilot - Black and Gold

SOLD! Pilot has a very wide variety of fountain pens.  This one has a simple style and is a great writer.