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SOLD: Platinum Stainless Steel M nib

Platinum Stainless Steel

SOLD! Up next a Platinum Stainless steel fountain pen. Here it is: This pen is used but looks excellent.  Upon close inspection some daily wear and tear can be seen on the section.  The outside body has no major wear, scratches, brassing, etc.  It is beautiful! The nib is 18K white gold.  It is marked […]

SOLD: Pilot Justus


SOLD! Have you heard of the Pilot Justus? This is a very unique pen.  It has “adjustable flex”.  There is a push bar that sits atop the nib.  The push bar can be moved backwards or forward by rotating the knob on the front of the section.  It really make a noticeable difference in how the nib […]

SOLD: NOS Pilot Murex F-H978

NOS Murex

SOLD! Today for sale:  A NOS Pilot Murex. Pilot Murex is part of the Myu family.  The pen is made of stainless steel.  The nib and section are one unit. These pens write very well and with its clean lines is very sexy. Here it is: This pen is NOS so it is in excellent […]

SOLD: Sailor 21k Pocket Pen

Sailor 21k

SOLD! The next one for sale is a 21k Sailor pocket pen / big cap / short pen / short long. This pen writes very well.  It looks great.  It does have a ding in the cap. Here it is: As you can see, this is a very cool short pen.  The inlay on the […]

SOLD: Platinum Purple 14k Fine

Platinum Purple

SOLD! Today I will start adding the pens from the Sneak Preview tray.  This is the first one. This is a Platinum brand fountain pen.  It has a metal body with a marbled purple finish.  I think it is part of the same family as the other Platinum that I have for sale because of […]

Sneak Preview – March 2013

Well, I wanted to let people know what is coming.  Here is the tray that I plan to put up for sale during the upcoming week: This tray contains: Platinum Burgundy Platinum Purple Sailor 21k Pocket Pen (SOLD) Platinum Pilot Platinum Pilot Elabo (SOLD) Pilot Elite Pilot Elite Pilot Elite (SOLD) Details are coming soon in […]

SOLD: NOS Myu 701 M nib

Pilot Myu 701 M nib

SOLD! This month has been slow on the site.  I have been suffering from hay fever (aka pollen allergies).  Everything has been slow moving.  I am feeling a bit better now so I plan on getting more pens up for sale. Today for sale is a NOS Myu 701 with an M nib. Here it […]

SOLD: Pilot M90

SOLD! Well, here it is.  The infamous Pilot Myu M90.