Lamy Safari Special Editions

Lamy Safari Limited Editions

Lamy Safari Limited Editions

Lamy is a German company that has been making pens since 1952.  They are very famous for being durable and reliable.  They are also famous for having award winning design.

Wolfgang Fabian is one designer that has made a big impact on Lamy.  He is one of the designers of the Lamy Safari.

First released in 1980, Lamy Safaris are a great choice for a first fountain pen.  The are made of ABS plastic, think LEGO, and therefore are very durable.  The other interesting aspect of being made of ABS is that ABS can be made in tons of colors.  Lamy uses this to their advantage to create Limited Edition or Special Edition pens.

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Year Body Clip Cap top
???? Grey Black Black Cross
???? (Japan) Black w/ Logo Yellow Red Dot
2004 Orange (Flame) Red Red Dot
2006 Royal Blue Red Red Dot
2007 Black Chrome Black Cross
2007 White Chrome White Cross
2008 Lime Green Chrome Black Cross
2009 Orange Chrome Orange Dot
2009 Pink Chrome Pink Dot
2010 (Japan) White Red Red Dot
2011 Aquamarine Chrome Aquamarine Cross
2011 Lime Green Chrome Lime Green Cross
2011 Orange Chrome Orange Cross
2011 Pink Chrome Pink Cross
2012 Apple Green Chrome Apple Green Cross
2012 Matte Black Red Red Dot
2012 Red Red Red Dot
2012 Yellow Red Red Dot
2012 (China) Red (+case) Yellow Yellow Cross
2013 Neon Yellow Chrome ?
2013 Blue (Sweden) Yellow ?

Pink background indicates a pretty rare model.  Those are often posted on eBay for hundreds of dollars.
The 2012 Red China pen is the only one that I know of to have very special packaging that included a drawstring pen pouch.

I plan to add more to this page as I learn more.  Please leave a comment if you can help add some information or correct any mistakes.  Thanks!

I bought my pen in a shop in Japan.  I understand now that it must be the Chinese version.  Released to celebrate 40 years of relations between Germany and China.  I don’t think there is a Japan version.

I have two of the limited edition pens for sale on this site. If you would like the Red with Yellow Clip, please let me know.


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