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SOLD: Pilot Short Scroll NOS

Pilot Scroll

SOLD! This pen is wonderful! I have two of these in my collection.  I decided to sell one.  It is a pen that was made in the 1970s.  The center trim features a knurled trim piece.  For me, this is the unique part that I like. The cap and body also feature some scroll designs […]

SOLD: Pilot NOS Pocket Pen

Pilot Lady

SOLD! This is a NOS Pilot Pen.  It has an 18k gold <F> nib.  I believe that it was made in the 1970’s.

SOLD: Platinum Burgundy 14k – Fine

Platinum Burgundy

SOLD! Today for sale.  Platinum Burgundy fountain pen with a 14k 細字 nib.  細字 means Fine nib. Update:  This pen is called the “Platinum Belage“.  It originally sold for ¥5000.

MYU 701 – Disassembled

MYU 701 Disassembled

* Do not try this at home! * I am not responsible if you destroy your sexy iconic Pilot pen.  This is not necessary to clean your Myu!

SOLD: Platinum Gathered #3776

Platinum Gathered

SOLD! Platinum #3776 pens are fantastic. When I first saw this pen in a shop I thought it was pretty weird.  It looked uncomfortable.  I didn’t even bother to ask the shop staff to see it.  I just sort of ignored it after that. I saw this pen as part of an auction last year […]

SOLD: NOS Pilot Myu 701


SOLD! Off of the site I had arranged to sell a NOS Myu.  The person that was interested has not responded but I really need to sell this pen. For those that do not know, NOS = New Old Stock.  

SOLD: Pilot Murex M nib H880

Pilot Murex

SOLD! The last one to post today: Pilot Murex.  Also known as a Pilot MR, Pilot Long Myu, Pilot Long Murex. This pen is very similiar to the Myu.  It features a stainless steel cap, body and section.  The section and nib are the same part.  This is known as an integrated nib. This Murex is used […]

SOLD: Pilot Myu 701

Pilot Myu 701

SOLD! I have another Myu that I am putting up for sale.  Please read the description and check the pictures carefully before ordering. This pen is scratched and beat up.  There are 2 noticeable dents on the cap.  It writes really well but it is rough. This is a great pen for someone that wants to carry […]

SOLD: Pilot Black Striped Myu

Black Striped Myu

I have a Black Stripe Pilot Myu (or Black Striped Pilot Myu) in my private collection.  I decided to put it up for sale. Here it is: This Myu is beautiful.  It writes well.  The feed has some bubbles on it.  The alternate view in the above pictures shows the bubbles.  It is perfectly normal […]

Lamy Safari Special Editions

Lamy Safari Red w/Yellow Clip

Lamy is a German company that has been making pens since 1952.  They are very famous for being durable and reliable.  They are also famous for having award winning design. Wolfgang Fabian is one designer that has made a big impact on Lamy.  He is one of the designers of the Lamy Safari. First released […]

SOLD OUT: 2011 Lamy Safari Aquamarine

Lamy Safari Aquamarine

All three have been sold! I was able to come across some 2011 Limited Edition Lamy Safari Fountain Pens.  I bought a few to sell them here.  I have three available.

SOLD : Pilot Elite Lattice Cap

Pilot Elite Lattice

Lattice cap = Simple.  Stylish. For sale today is a Pilot Elite with a lattice cap.  This one is mint.  It is beautiful.  

SOLD : Pilot Elite Sterling Silver

Pilot Elite Sterling Silver

Pilot Elite pens are very durable and beautiful.  This one is no exception.  This has the same nib type as the Pilot Customs of the era.  The key feature of this pen is the Sterling Silver Cap.  I prefer Sterling Silver pens to be polished and shiny.  I have read before that many collectors prefer […]

SOLD: Pilot Custom Black Stripe

H1171 Pilot Custom

SOLD! Do you really really want a Black Striped Myu?  They are basically impossible to buy, at least at a good price.  This is the same type of pen.  It is made of stainless steel and has grooves cut that are colored in black.  This pen feels heavier than the Myu and of course is […]