SOLD : Pilot Elite Short Pen


Yesterday I showed you the parts that make up a 1970’s Pilot Elite pen.  This pen is now for sale.

Capped.  About 12cm

Capped. About 12cm

Posted 14 cm - Fingernail Nib

Posted 14 cm – Fingernail Nib

The pen is marked H670 on the nib so it was manufactured in June 1970.  This pen is really really scratched.  There are no deep scratches.  There is also no rust or corrosion.  It is smooth and writes beautifully.  It has a Pilot “Script” nib which was designed for taking a lot of notes and writing quickly.  Good for a student!

Cap - Noticeable scratches

Cap – Noticeable scratches

It can use current Pilot cartridges or a CON-20 convertor.  I have always used it by refilling cartridges with a ink syringe.

If you are looking for a small pen that is easy to write with and you do not want to worry about scratching it, this is your pen.  If you are also looking to try a gold nib without breaking the bank this is also your pen.  Finally, if you need some parts (section / feed / nib) for a Pilot Elite, this is your pen!

I am asking ¥1200 (or $13 USD).  This pen has been sold!  It will be sent with two Pilot cartridges of your choice.  I have several colors available.

If you have any questions, or would like to buy this pen, please leave a comment or email me (

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