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Disassemble a Pilot Short Pen II

In the first repair article I wrote, I showed you the parts of a Pilot Elite.  There are two types of Pilot short / pocket pens.  One is what I call the “fingernail nib” type.  That is what I discussed in the previous article. This article will discuss the “hooded” type.  Here are some pictures […]

SOLD: Burgundy Platinum Short Pen

Burgundy Platinum Short Pen

This is a Platinum Pocket pen with an aluminum body and a burgundy section.  The nib is marked with the Platinum lowercase “p” logo.  It is also labeled 細軟 which means “Soft Fine”.  Do not be confused – This is not by any means a flex nib.  In fact I have seen other fine nibs with better line […]

SOLD: 1971 Pilot Short Pen

This is a beautiful 1971 Pilot black and gold pocket pen.  The nib is not marked with a size but I would call it a fine nib.  The nib is 14k.  The nib is marked H171 for Hiratsuka January 1971. This pen can be used with a CON20 convertor.  I can not be used with […]

SOLD : Platinum Bonita

Platinum Bonita

SOLD! I decided to put one more pen up for sale today.  I would like to sell a pen a week this year (or fifty-two by the end of the year). This is the pen I nicknamed the Galaxy Pen.  It is a glossy black pen with gold sparkles in the finish.  It’s pretty unique. […]

SOLD : Pilot Elite Short Pen

SOLD! Yesterday I showed you the parts that make up a 1970’s Pilot Elite pen.  This pen is now for sale. The pen is marked H670 on the nib so it was manufactured in June 1970.  This pen is really really scratched.  There are no deep scratches.  There is also no rust or corrosion.  It […]

Disassemble a Short Pilot Elite

Pilot 18k script nib

When I first got a short Pilot fountain pen, I wanted to take it apart to clean and adjust it.  I took the body off, removed the cartridge and then had no idea how to take it apart.  I searched the internet but couldn’t find any really good articles on how to disassemble these pocket […]

SOLD : 1975 Pilot Myu – F nib

SOLD! If you are looking for a Myu check here. The Myu is one of the most collectable Pilot fountain pens ever created.  Treasured by user and collectors this pen is truly one of a kind.  It has a stainless steel body and cap.  The nib and body are one piece.  This means that the […]

3 Year Diary

Happy new year! I have decided to buy and use a 3 year diary.  Actually, I need to practice Japanese more so I will write a diary in Japanese every day for the next 3 years, at least. If you are like me and have never heard of a three year diary then you might […]