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1960s Pilot Capless

I recently won an auction for a bunch of pens.  One of the reasons I bid on that auction was to get my hands on an old Pilot Capless.  I believe the capless is the same as the Namiki Vanishing Point.  This pen nib was stamped 1166.  I believe this to mean that it was […]

Buying a House (or How I Envy the Rich)

How I envy the rich and why I think I will never be rich.  Aka: Money Loves Money! I am an English teacher and one of my students said something profound to me.  “Money loves money!”  We thought for a few minutes and wondered if those words have ever been uttered by anyone with enough prominence to make it […]

Illegal Downloading in Japan

A new anti-downloading law took effect in Japan on October 1st, 2012.  As anyone who knows me might attest, I do not understand legal things very well, this case included.  I can not even speculate on the impact this may have on Japan but I know a lot of people that are now scared to […]