BBC Horizon – Defeating the Superbug

I just finished watching the documentary “BBC Horizon 2012: Defeating the Superbugs ¦ 720p” on Youtube.

This is a very interesting look at our current research into superbugs and how to protect our health in the future.  Some of the ideas discussed include:

  • The cause and sources of superbugs
  • Searching the earth, soil, caves, waters for new sources of antibiotics
  • Using viruses called bacteriophages as medicine
  • Controlling the communication between bacteria to restrict growth

The ideas presented were quite new to me.  I was surprised to learn that easy access to antibiotics can lead to the growth of stronger bacteria due to improper use of the antibiotics.  I also was surprised to hear that instead of attacking bacteria and kill them directly there are ways to chemically control the “communication” between bacteria an that can potentially control the growth of colonies and the dangers that they pose.

One idea that was not discussed was the use of antibacterial soaps and sprays.  I have heard news and read stories that relate superbugs to being “too clean”.  I would like to know if there is a connection.

The other big thought that came to my mind was how antibacterial medicines can be made by extracting materials from the soil.  It leads me to believe that letting my kids play and get dirty may expose them to good elements that may help their body protect itself.  I can understand however that the area they are playing in must contain these good elements.  It must also not contain bacteria or other nasties that my lead to poorer health.

It left me wanting to search out a bit more info.  Good food for thought!

Thank you BBC!  Thank you YouTube!



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