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Why YouTube, Why?

Was browsing reddit today.  On the front page, I ran across a video about how “Lil Wayne has officially run out of fucks to give.”  I am not a fan of Lil Wayne but I checked the video out anyways just to see why it was voted to the front page.  It was a video […]

BBC Horizon – Defeating the Superbug

I just finished watching the documentary “BBC Horizon 2012: Defeating the Superbugs ¦ 720p” on Youtube. This is a very interesting look at our current research into superbugs and how to protect our health in the future.  Some of the ideas discussed include: The cause and sources of superbugs Searching the earth, soil, caves, waters for new […]

iOS 6 – Guided Access

The best new feature in iOS 6 is Guided Access! What is guided access? Well, one way to explain it might be kiosk mode.  What I mean is that when you enable guided access, the user of the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch will not be able to switch apps.  You essentially lock the device […]

Pilot 40 Fountain Pen

When I buy pens from auctions, I generally clean them up and use them for a few weeks.  After that, I clean up again and add them into my collection.  Of course, if I ever feel like using them again they are ready to be inked and used.  This is one such pen, and I […]

SOLD: Burgandy Pilot Fountain Pen

Sold! Another beautiful Pilot fountain pen for sale. This one is like new.  I do not have any knowledge of the history of this pen but I believe that it was never used.  It still has the original price tag on it.  There is a small scratch on it so I believe that it why […]