SOLD: Navy and Gold Slim Pilot Fountain Pen


Today I am putting up for sale a beautiful 1990’s Slim Pilot Fountain Pen.  This pen is in great condition and writes really well.  The cap and body are made of metal and feel very sturdy.  The section is all plastic and is in great condition.  The nib is not stamped with a “k” marking indicating the quality of the gold so I assume that this is a gold plated nib.  There is no corrosion or discoloration on the nib.  The nib is stamped with 996.  I believe that this means the pen was produced in September 1996.

I love the deep blue color of this pens body.  I feel that it makes this pen special.  Also the pretzel shaped design in the center band adds a nice touch.  This pen is a perfect EDC (every day carry) pen as it is strong, solid and cheap (check the price down below)!

Here are the pics:

There are no major scratches on the pen.  There is one scratch that can appear pretty bad when the light catches at just the right angle but, honestly, it’s not noticable unless you know its there.

This pen can also be used with a CON-50.  It looks like it is a tight fit but I did not notice any rubbing when screwing the body back into place.

I am asking $15 USD or ¥1200 for this pen.  I am asking ¥1000 (currently around $10) for this pen.  It is an extra ¥550 if you would like a CON-50 convertor.  Buyer also must pay shipping.  I really think this pen is a steal at that price.  There are no engravings or other markings on this pen.

If you are interested or have any questions please leave a comment on this post and make sure to use your real email address.  I will contact you ASAP.  Your email address or other information will not be shared with anyone for any reason.

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