SOLD: Black Pilot 14K B Fountain Pen

The pen I am putting up for sale today is a classic style Black early 1990’s Pilot fountain pen.  This pen features a 14K B nib.  The nib is stamped “Pilot 14k-585 B 〄”.  The last symbol is JIS or Japanese Industrial Standard.  It means that you can trust that the quality of the material used to make the nib.  It is very common on Japanese pens.  Inside the section the nib is stamped 1291 which I believe means that the pen was produced in December 1991.

The cap and body of this pen are made of a resin (plastic).  It is pretty lightweight and feels good in the hand.  It is a pretty wet writer.  I had a tiny bit of trouble using it for notes because the amount of ink this pen lays down means that drying time could be increased a bit (depending on ink and paper).

Here are the pictures:

There are no major nicks or scratches on the body.  The cap is slightly loose.  It makes a great “click” when pushing the cap on but there is about one millimeter of play.  The cap stays on tightly and the looseness does not seem to cause any problems in usage.  I used this pen as an EDC for about 2 weeks with absolutely no trouble.  The B nib is too bold for me.  I prefer a nice F or EF so I stopped carrying it with me.

I am asking $20 USD or ¥1500.  I have decided to drop the price:  $15 or ¥1200.  This pen includes a CON-20.  It can not be used with a CON-50.  When screwing the section into the body, you can feel some tension because the body and converter touch.  I used this pen with the included converter and standard Pilot ink cartridges.

If you are interested or have any questions please leave a comment on this post and make sure to use your real email address.  I will contact you ASAP.  Your email address or other information will not be shared with anyone for any reason.

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