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SOLD: Pilot Short Fountain Pen

SOLD! Today I am posting for sale a short Pilot fountain pen. This is one of my favorite EDC pens. It has a stainless steel and plastic body.  The nib is partially covered and provides great protection with a nice simple look. Check it out: Uncapped: Extended!  This is the coolest part!  The body will […]

BBC – Eat, Fast and Live Longer

Today I checked out BBC Horizon – Eat, Fast and Live Longer The presenter, Michael Mosley, goes on a journey to see how he can stay healthy, mentally and physically, as he ages.  The discoveries presented by the scientists in this show suggest that by fasting our body will enter a different state which will […]

SOLD: Black Pilot 14K B Fountain Pen

The pen I am putting up for sale today is a classic style Black early 1990’s Pilot fountain pen.  This pen features a 14K B nib.  The nib is stamped “Pilot 14k-585 B 〄”.  The last symbol is JIS or Japanese Industrial Standard.  It means that you can trust that the quality of the material […]

SOLD: Navy and Gold Slim Pilot Fountain Pen

SOLD! Today I am putting up for sale a beautiful 1990’s Slim Pilot Fountain Pen.  This pen is in great condition and writes really well.  The cap and body are made of metal and feel very sturdy.  The section is all plastic and is in great condition.  The nib is not stamped with a “k” […]

iTunes Movie Rental

I rent most of my movies from iTunes.  I really love the convenience of choosing, downloading and watching a movie in the comfort of my house and not worrying about late fees for late returns.  I have noticed some things have been getting to me recently though. The Big Problem : Languages! I am a […]

SOLD: 1970’s Turquoise Platinum Fountain Pen

SOLD! I have decided to sell some of my fountain pens.  The first one up for sale is this lovely Platinum short pen.  These pens seemed to be very common in Japan in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  I am not sure of the actual production date of this pen but I believe it is from […]