BBC – Visions of the Future

I love watching documentaries on YouTube!

Recently I watched “The Intelligence Revolution – Visions of the Future – BBC“.  Michio Kaku looks at how artificial intelligence will revolutionize our homes, workplaces and lifestyles.

I was watching this and thinking how foolish and strange so of the ideas sounded.  However the more I thought, the more I realized that if I went back in time to when my grandparents were young they probably would have thought the idea of carrying a telephone in your pocket everywhere you go would have seemed foolish and unnecessary.  Therefore some of those ideas may become reality in the future however a lot of other things are now commonplace that did not even exist in the past.  Computers and the internet being the biggest examples.

The future is so unpredictable.  Who knows.  I can recommend this documentary though.  It was good food for thought about what may be coming and what it will take to get us there.



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