Java 66.6MB

I think its quite fitting that the update to help stop the nasty Flashback botnet comes in at 66.6MB.  It is the “devil” trojan that I think is the start of mainstream Mac security problems.

Apple has had an impressive run with, dare I say, no major security vulnerabilities since the release of OSX in 2001.  At least, nothing that could have caused such a major attack.  Of course there have been some security problems in that time but most of them revolved around user mistakes.  Installing bootleg apps, visiting unscrupulous websites, giving your admin password when you didn’t know why you should…  Users are often the weak link in security.

It appears as though this time around Java was the problem.  Users still needed to visit a site that was less than trustworthy but the attack exploited a flaw in Java that Apple has fixed and released a patch for.

If you run OSX, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Of interest also is that if you are running Little Snitch, XCode or a small handful af AV software, this trojan will kill itself, presumably to prevent from being researched.

Stay secure!


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