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Apica Figurare notebook

I bought an Apica Figurare Concept Flow Idea Notebook in February.  I really love the layout and features of this notebook. I bought this notebook with the brown cover.  In Tokyu Hands, I saw brown and orange.  The prange was a bit too bright for me.  Actually, I wanted black but I don’t think it comes […]

Depth Of Field 101

Depth of field is a photography term that I have heard a lot.  When I first bought a camera I had no idea what it meant.  I would like to simplify what it is here. One of the principles of photograpy is aperture.   The aperture is the physical part inside a camera lens.  It opens and closes […]

Meanwhile in Japan…

Tokyo can be a great place to just walk around and shoot photos.  Here is one of my favorite buildings that I stumbled across walking around the city: King-Yo!

Java 66.6MB

I think its quite fitting that the update to help stop the nasty Flashback botnet comes in at 66.6MB.  It is the “devil” trojan that I think is the start of mainstream Mac security problems. Apple has had an impressive run with, dare I say, no major security vulnerabilities since the release of OSX in 2001.  At […]

Mission: 8 Minutes

Yesterday I watched the movie “Source Code” with my wife.  The title in Japanese is 「ミッション:8ミニッツ」 or Mission: 8 Minutes in English.  When I first saw this movie advertised on the internet it looked kind of interesting but when I watched the trailer I couldn’t get into the idea.  I more or less forgot about this movie […]