New iPad Rant

This is my first of some rants.  I have to get something off my chest.  I just hope I can get my point across…

I live in Japan so when I hear about Apple announcements, I know that I will have to stay up really late to watch live.  I know, I could just sleep and check the news in the morning but I am a little bit of an Apple fanboy.  I honestly think, if you don’t play a lot of games, Macs are easier to use (for personal / home use).  Even more so if you use an iPhone, iPod or iPad but I digress.

My problem seems to be this; when I first started watching these events live it was really exciting.  There was a lot of massive speculation that was heard weeks prior to the event about what the products could be, what features they would incorporate and so on.  That made it exciting to follow live.  I liked hearing all of the guesses and false rumors that were spread to get people talking.  I really think that it was inspiring to hear.  When I heard about the crazy things that people suggested I felt like some of the more bizarre functions could be useful.  I even thought about how some useful functions would end up great to end up not actually being in the released product.

I liked that people like Leo Laporte tried to live stream the event.  There have been a lot of people sneaking video and audio streams out of the event around that time and since then too.  It ended a bit bad for Leo though because he was never invited to an Apple event again.  I really can not understand why Apple does not have a stream for all of the people that can not attend.  There are millions of fans like me who would love some access during the event.  Instead I give my attention to Leo and crew at Twit Live.  Rumors say that Apple allows recorded video to be “run” to a broadcast truck where it is edited and broadcast with a slight delay.  This seems crazy to me. Why is that ok?  Why aren’t the runners not invited again?  Does Apple think that the press will not attend if the event is streamed?  That is also absurd to me because the real journalists want to get their hands on the device after the presentation so they have to attend.

To me the events just seem to get more and more boring each year.  Unless the rumors are SOOO GOOD for the next event, I think I will sleep on it and find out the next morning.

I think that the new iPad looks great and it is what I was expecting because of rumors.  Retina Display, better camera, faster graphics and Siri (in Japanese for iPhone).  Of course that is not it but those are the major things that I was expecting and they were in there.  I would have loved to see something like a SD card or an external display port that doesn’t require an expensive Apple dongle but as a long time fan I know that those kind of things will never happen.  From Apples point-of-view, I think an SD card (or any memory for that matter) is an invitation to load exploit code on the machine.  SD cards could also be a way for people to trade / pirate videos and music.  Another port is just something else that can break and a lot of people will never use it anyways so in order to keep the sleek lines and avoid clutter you need a dongle.  I get it.

The only thing that really surprised me this time around, but I would have seen it in the morning anyways, was the name.  New iPad?  Why?  I really hated that Super Mario Bros for DS was called New Super Mario Bros.  I am not even sure that the name includes “New”.  New is ok for a short time but when the next version comes out, and it most definitely will, then people will walk around saying I have the “New iPad” but I want the new one.  Huh?  So confusing.  On the other hand, if the name is just “iPad” without any other identifiers it will lead to accessory problems and confused shoppers.  I have an original iPad.  Is my iPad == iPad?  I dont think so.  For one, I can not use a smart cover.  That is one thing that I thought was pretty unusual about with iPad 2 but it grew on me.  Also, when I had some old iPod’s, Nanos and what not, I have to be extra careful when shopping for cases and other accessories.  I constantly forgot what generation I had and which one would suit me best.  Granted it was not impossible for me but I can see how tech-illiterate people will have a hard time shopping.

All that said.  I will buy one.  My wife and I will go to a local electronics shop to buy it because we have a point card and we can earn points to buy other crap.

Anyways, after staying up late and being slightly disappointed that there was no Apple Television Set or any of the other extreme predictions, I was kind of pissed because I had to work the next day.  Bed time 4:30 am.  For nothing.  Well, not nothing, for what I expected.  I think the fire in my belly burned out a bit.  I should have written this on the train in the morning although it might have been a bit more incoherent.

Thanks for listening.  Please share your frustrations if you have any!


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