This Site’s Namesake

This site was originally registered because I was in love with bicycle culture in Tokyo.  After I bought a new fixie, my coworkers and I were talking about naming it.  I said that with a fixed gear bike you can not stop your feet or you will die.  I was goofing around but it turned into a serious conversation about fish.  I learned that tuna can not stop swimming or they will die.

On the front tube of the bike I made a vinyl sticker that read “まぐろ”; or in English, tuna.  On the down tube I used the same vinyl material to make some stickers that read “止まったら死ぬ” on one side and “If I stop, I’ll die!” on the other side.

The idea for me was something like “If I stop doing interesting things, I will die.”  I wanted it to be a little larger than just an idea about pedaling a trendy bicycle.  I think it is true for me.  I have something inside of me that keeps pushing.  I can’t stand sitting around my room all day.  Rain or shine, I need to go out.  I ride my bikes (I have this fixie still and a BMX), go for walks, shoot photos, study various topics.  I think that I have too many curiosities in my life to stay focused on anything for any length of time.  I would love to narrow it down to a few topics but get super deep in those remaining topics.  I am not sure that it will ever happen.

I think it is mostly a money thing.  If I had enough money in the bank to feel comfortable then I could relax.  I could afford to spend a bit of money to get deeper.  There are a lot of lessons that I would like to take, books that I would like to buy and equipment that I would like to use.  My priority in life is so far from money though that I don’t work hard to earn savings.  I do work harder but that is to buy some new things.  I am currently about to work six days a week at my job so that I can buy an iPad 3.

I am going way off topic here but I recently had a though about what i would do if I won the lottery.  Well, living in Japan, I would buy a NEW house.  New because I want it to withstand upcoming disasters.  I would also buy a lot of extra post-disaster supplies.  I am currently freaking out that I am not prepared enough.  If I had the money I would want to be prepared enough to help the whole neighborhood (as much as possible).

Since willing the lottery is basically impossible, the thought morphed into another idea.  This is also more or less impossible but it was still a good thought experiment for me.  I sell an iPad app in iTunes.  It has sold a few hundred copies and gotten a few five star reviews.  Nothing that can pay my bills or change my life.  My heart tells me that I should make some more apps but with a full time job, I don’t think it’s possible to get them done in a timely manner.  So, my next thought was what I would do if I could get / win / find $50,000-60,000.  This amount is a bit higher that one year of my current salary but not the unachievable $6,000,000 in the lottery.  Well, with 50-60k I could quit my day job and still afford to pay bills, pay rent, eat and buy a new iPad and iPhone to use for development.  I could then focus about one to two months to continue my education and skills in development for iOS.  Self-study with development books and playing with code are basically how I learned now.  (I also have a university degree in CS…)  The next month would be design, design, design.  Brainstorming.  I have some simple ideas that would work but I would like to make some simpler and more elegant solutions.  After planning one complete app, I would spend the rest of the time coding it and testing.  I think that at that rate, I could put out four or five great apps or one or two of the big apps I have ideas for.  After that I could wait and see.  If those apps sell, I have my new career and my heart would be full.  If they failed, I tried.  A full year, nothing else on my plate to give me an excuse for why I didn’t get anything done.  Success or failure, the attempt would have made it worth it.  The caveat, I could not repay the 50-60k.  Even if successful, I would need that money to work on the next apps and keep me going.  This is the point that makes it impossible.  Loans are out of the question.

If you read this far, thank you!  I am pretty surprised.  If you are a wealthy person that likes to donate money to people to help them achieve their dreams then please leave a message.  Haha.  Only in my dreams…

How about you: Lottery dreams?  How about a lower amount that you didn’t have to pay back?  What would you do?

Well, good night!


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