Tetris High Score Challenge

I have been playing some old school Nintendo Tetris recently to kill time.  I really loved it when I was young so I dusted off my old game and was trying to pass the “B-type” game at Height 0 using nothing but “Tetrises” or 4 lines cleared at a time.  I played level 9 over and over with different scores each time.  I successfully beat it with only Tetrises again and again then I remembered something!  If you hold “A” when you press start you will start at level 10 + the level.  Therefore: 0 = 10, 1 = 11, 2 = 12, etc.  I started at 10 and beat it.  Tried 11, beat that too.  12, 13, 14.  All beat.  After I beat them once I moved up to the next level.  I got stuck at 15 so I gave up for a while.  I will keep going when I have more free time!

My scores:

  • Level 12 – Height 0 : 111672
  • Level 13 – Height 0 : 120627
  • Level 14 – Height 0 : 130144

I know that these are not world records or anything like that, but I am proud that I beat each level with no mistakes!

What are some of your Tetris high scores?  Let me know in the comments.  (Links to pics are even better!)



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