Pilot Custom 742 FA

Yesterday, I was surprised to get a fountain pen as a present.  Today another pen arrived in the mail.  This one wasn’t a surprise.  I have been waiting for it for a few weeks now.

It arrived wrapped in Pilot wrapping paper!

After unwrapping, I discovered a pen case and some beautiful Pilot Asa Gao ink.  Asa Gao is the name of a flower.  It is commonly called a “Japanese Morning Glory” in English.

The pen is the Pilot Custom 742 with the Falcon (FA) nib.  It was engraved “2012 steve and bambi”.  This was an anniversary gift from my wife!  Yeah!

The falcon nib is so cool.  It is very soft.  It can write with unique line widths because of the soft nib.

I opened it up and filled it up but I have had some ink flow problems.  I was a little surprised.  I read some reviews that showed “railroading” if you apply too much pressure but I havent read too many bad reviews for everyday writing.  I took it apart and cleaned it pretty well.  It seemed a bit worse after that.  I think that I put it together too tight.  I loosened the feed and nib a little and its really wet now.  I will play with it a little more to tune it just the way I like it!

Yeah!  2 pens in one week!  Lucky!


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