Taking a walk in Sagamioono, Kanagawa, Japan, I came across a delivery vehicle that I see often in Japan: a delivery bicycle.

It’s a great thing to see small, efficient machines cruising around the city to perform a task that is most often done by big dirty trucks.  In Japan, the land mass is smaller than a lot of countries so everyone is so much closer to each other.  That makes this kind of delivery system possible.  Anyways, I think that there are several reasons for doing this.

First off, I think that Japan often likes to promote health.  If you are a delivery driver for one of these companies then you must be fit to drive one of these around the city.  Also, as mentioned before, things are closer in Japan.  One small local distribution can service thousands of people if planned properly.

Another big reason is delivery trucks.  Gasoline is very costly and delivery trucks tend to be large.  Large trucks consume fuel at a higher rate.  Trucks can also block the roads when the delivery person is in the building delivering the package.  Maintenance of vehicles in Japan is extremely costly in Japan.  I was offered a few cars and one motorcycle for free because they needed “shaken”, or inspection. The car shaken ranged from around $2000 USD to $4000 USD.  The motorcycle needed $1200 to “fix”.  Consider these costs multiplied by a fleet of vehicles.  Insanity!

The back side of the delivery cycle also had a space for a cart to help in the delivery.  Nice design!

Does your country / city have this kind of system?  Let me know!  Leave me a comment!


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