Current Pens and Ink

I wanted to see how each of my pens looked on one page.  Shown here:

  • Pilot Parallel pen 6mm with a Pilot Blue-Black cartridge
  • Pilot Cavalier M nib with a Pilot Black cartridge
  • Pilot VORTEX with a Pilot Black cartridge (I think M nib)
  • LAMY Safari EF nib with a LAMY Blue cartridge
  • Pilot Custom 742 Falcon (FA) nib and Pilot Iroshizuku Asa-Gao ink

I am having starting problems with the 742 so I need to use it slowly.  Because I use it so slow it is very wet.  I dont mind so much but it is too slow for me.  I need to take it to a shop and see if it can be fixed.  It’s sad really because it is a new pen.

When the Cavalier black cartridge runs out I will clean the pen and try Blue-Black in there.  I think the color is very light for the Parallel pen because the nib is so wide.

This was written on Apica paper.  I read about Apica notebooks on reddit.  They are cheap and easy to find here in Japan.  I will show some more of the Apica notebooks I like in future posts.  They are great and work well with fountain pens.


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  1. Lamy…

    Dobry przyjaciel widzi pierwszą łzę, łapie drugą i powstrzymuje trzecią….