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This Site’s Namesake

This site was originally registered because I was in love with bicycle culture in Tokyo.  After I bought a new fixie, my coworkers and I were talking about naming it.  I said that with a fixed gear bike you can not stop your feet or you will die.  I was goofing around but it turned […]

Guns and Swords

Japan is a country with strict rules and laws about weapons.  Guns are strictly prohibited although I have heard that there are exceptions for hunting. Because real guns are not allowed, toy guns are popular amongst some people.  Some of the guns shoot BB’s or pellets, others are just replicas for display. This is the […]

Tetris High Score Challenge

I have been playing some old school Nintendo Tetris recently to kill time.  I really loved it when I was young so I dusted off my old game and was trying to pass the “B-type” game at Height 0 using nothing but “Tetrises” or 4 lines cleared at a time.  I played level 9 over […]


Taking a walk in Sagamioono, Kanagawa, Japan, I came across a delivery vehicle that I see often in Japan: a delivery bicycle. It’s a great thing to see small, efficient machines cruising around the city to perform a task that is most often done by big dirty trucks.  In Japan, the land mass is smaller […]

My Favorite Shot

This is one of my favorite photos. I like photography because of all of the memories that one picture can bring back.  This was taken back in 2008.  We went to the beach to ride BMX and hang out.  My friends son, his mom and I ran out towards the water.  He really didn’t want to wear […]

Current Pens and Ink

I wanted to see how each of my pens looked on one page.  Shown here: Pilot Parallel pen 6mm with a Pilot Blue-Black cartridge Pilot Cavalier M nib with a Pilot Black cartridge Pilot VORTEX with a Pilot Black cartridge (I think M nib) LAMY Safari EF nib with a LAMY Blue cartridge Pilot Custom […]

Zoom, Framing, Composition

I bought a nice camera a few years ago.  I studied photography by myself with the help of some photography books.  I stick with basics still.  Rule of thirds, appropriate depth of field and so on… I went to the beach today and snapped some photos.  Some of them came out good but not others.  I […]

Pilot Custom 742 FA

Yesterday, I was surprised to get a fountain pen as a present.  Today another pen arrived in the mail.  This one wasn’t a surprise.  I have been waiting for it for a few weeks now. It arrived wrapped in Pilot wrapping paper! After unwrapping, I discovered a pen case and some beautiful Pilot Asa Gao […]

Fountian Pen Present

Wow!  Today I received a gift from a student.  It was a brand new Pilot Cavalier fountain pen.  She told me that her husband got it as a gift a long time ago but they never used it.  I don’t feel comfortable getting such expensive looking things from students.  I was not sure of how much it […]

LEGO table – Mario pattern

I made this table out of LEGO a few years ago and it has help up quite well.  It even handled a move to a new apartment without needing to be taken apart!  Yeah! The top pattern is made of a lot of small pieces to make the pattern.  Under that is three alternating layers […]

The Switch

Just watched “The Switch” with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.  It is a romantic comedy or (rom com) which centers around friends that live in New York.  Jennifer Aniston’s character realizes that she is getting older and her maternal instincts tell her that she needs to have a baby before it is too late.  The […]

First Post!

Well, this is the newly rebuilt site for my ramblings.  (Like the internet really needs another…) Anyways, I really wanted to build a site here for Tokyo bicycle life and culture but unfortunately, I didn’t really have time to follow through.  Now I am outside of Tokyo so I don’t have a chance to go to the […]